Qualtrics is the primary UTS Survey Platform. It provides a clean web interface for creating surveys, as well as data analysis and distribution management options. They provide an extensive set of documentation as well as some training modules to get you started.

UTS has negotiated with Qualtrics to provide secure and reliable collection of your data, but to ensure we maintain compliance, there are a few guidelines Qualtrics users need to follow.

  • If you'd like access as a staff member please request access and review the guidelines here.

  • If you're a HDR student, you can request access and review the guidelines here.

  • If you're any other student, please get your subject coordinator or lecturer to request access for Teaching purposes via this request form

Once you've been provided access, you can simply head to utsau.au1.qualtrics.com and use your UTS account to sign in.

If you need help with Qualtrics, we recommend checking out our Frequently Asked Questions summary, and if that doesn't help, contacting Qualtrics support directly.

An example of the Qualtrics interface - designing a survey