eResearch Storage

The eResearch Storage is a UTS hosted storage platform designed to store research data securely. It is available on the UTS network, and can be accessed off-campus via the UTS VPN.

Every eResearch Storage share requires a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) which can be created via Stash. You can request an eResearch Storage share via Stash in the "Workspaces" section of your RDMP, or by contacting the eResearch team.

Technical Details

The eResearch Storage is hosted in two geographically separate data centres, this allows for:

  • Data Resilience: data replicated between multiple sites provides additional protection and allows for streamlined recovery from disasters
  • Snapshots: daily snapshots create restoration points that can be recovered in case of accidental deletion/corruption, and are available for up to two weeks
  • Convenience: can be accessed from Windows, macOS and Linux systems, see instructions (requires UTS login)
  • Quotas: Appropriate storage limit will be applied to each share, with email notifications sent out when the limit is reached. There is also a grace period of 7 days before further writing is prevented.
  • Data Sovereignty: all data is stored securely in NSW
  • Off-campus Access: When using the UTS VPN Client you can connect to eResearch storage anywhere with an internet connection
  • Access Permissions: upon owner's request, nominated UTS Staff/Students (as defined in the associated RDMP) can access files and folders