Platforms and Tools

eResearch helps researchers at UTS by providing them with access to many platforms and tools they can use to facilitate their research Below is a list of UTS-wide systems that we provide for your use, however if you've got a specific tool or platform you're keen on, we'd love to know about it and might even be able to help you set it up. Some examples of these can be found in the list below.

UTS eResearch Systems:

Research Data Management:

  • Stash - Research Data Management and Publication

Collecting data:

  • REDCap - Web Platform for Building and Managing Health Surveys and Databases
  • Qualtrics - Online Survey Creation and Distribution
  • eNotebooks - Electronic Research Notebooks for recording and organising research data

Working with data:

  • GitLab - Code Repositories
  • OMERO - Microscope Image Repository and Analysis
  • CloudStor SWAN - Web-based data analysis built on Jupyter Notebook

Storing data:

  • CloudStor - Australian Academic and Research Network provided data storage and sharing
  • eResearch Storage - UTS Hosted Research Data Storage

Packaging data:

  • Describo - Desktop application for creating RO-Crate packages of research data and metadata