CloudStor - Sending Large Files

CloudStor logo

UTS recommends CloudStor to send and recieve large files and for file sharing and synchronisation for research. For more information, check out the CloudStor page.

CloudStor, based on FileSender and OwnCloud, is hosted by AARNeT, which provides high speed networking to Australian research and education communities.

The CloudStor site says:

  • CloudStor file storage, CloudStor file sender and the AARNet Mirror are all accessible from the new CloudStor web interface.
  • Fast access using Australian Access Federation (AAF) credentials*
  • Easy to use - no plugins required
  • Quick and secure large file transfer
  • Secure storage located in Australia and directly connected to the AARNet backbone at 10Gbps, for rapid and convenient access, and avoiding any sovereignty issues.
  • Data is replicated a minimum of three times at geographically distributed storage nodes for high reliability and availability.
  • Individual researchers at AARNet-connected institutions receive up to 100GB of storage free of charge and low-cost additional storage is available on request.
  • AARNet can set up groups with group storage quotas for research collaborations.

* Use your UTS login via AAF authentication, no sign up necessary