High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing (HPC) can be accessed by UTS researchers or higher degree students. These systems are not available to undergraduates or for teaching. There are three systems that can be used;

  • the eResearch iHPC is an interactive HPC
  • the eResearch HPCC is a traditional command line batch submission system
  • the NCI HPC in Canberra.

eResearch iHPC

The iHPC (Interactive High Performance Computing) is a unique high performance computing facility (HPC) consisting of a number of clusters. Unlike many other HPC facilities who provide command access only, this facility was designed to give users, many of whom have little or no Unix experience, a fully interactive graphical environment that is similar to the Windows or Mac desktop environment they are used to and yet simultaneously allow users to benefit from the significant performance improvements gained from the use of high end computer hardware.

Further Information can be found on the iHPC Portal.

eResearch HPCC

This system is a traditional High Performance Computer Cluster runing Centos 8 Linux. It is a command-line only system and you submit jobs to a scheduling system. The HPCC Getting Started page explains how you run compute jobs on this system. It is also a "stepping stone" to the use of the NCI national facility.

For access email us at eResearch-IT@uts.edu.au.


NCI is a national facility providing high performance computing. Like the eResearch HPCC this is a traditional command-line based batch submission system running Centos 8 Linux.

Information on the National HPC systems can be found on the NCI site NCI HPC Systems.

For further information and access email us at eResearch-IT@uts.edu.au.

Access to all UTS Systems

Access to the iHPC and the HPCC require the use of the UTS VPN Client.

So that we can best advise on what system would suit your needs when you email us provide the following information:

  • what faculty are you in?
  • a brief description of your research project
  • what code do you wish to run?
  • if you are a research student, who is your supervisor.

Acknowledging use of the HPC Facilities

We would appreciate the following text or similar to be used for acknowledgement in your publications:

"Computational facilities were provided by the UTS eResearch High Performance Compute Facilities."

NCI also require acknowledgement of the use of their facilities in your publications.