Research Computing

There are four avenues for UTS researchers to access High Performance Computing (HPC):

  • The UTS eResearch HPC cluster
  • The UTS ARCLab
  • NCI and Intersect's HPC clusters
  • Amazon Web Services

The UTS eResearch HPC cluster

High Performance Computing (HPC) can be accessed by UTS researchers via the eResearch HPCC (High Performance Computing Cluster).

This facility provides:

  • a shared resource across the UTS research community
  • a test-bed for larger HPCC projects destined for Intersect/NCI.

Access to the Cluster:

The eResearch team will need to give you access. Simply email to introduce yourself and your requirements to us. For more details see the eResearch HPC page.


Information on this can be found here

National Computing Infrasructure (NCI) and Intersect's HPC clusters

Intersect’s NSW Supercomputing Facilities

NCI's Raijin – The UTS is an official partner with NCI and have a pre-purchased allocation of high-end compute time. This is available to UTS researchers.

Amazon Web Services

More information will be here soon.

Currently S3, EMR and EC2 is available.