This is the UTS eResearch website. eResearch refers to the application of Information Technology to research. The UTS eResearch Group works with UTS researchers to help them with aspects of their research that can be facilitated by information technology, freeing them to do the knowledge creation work that technology cannot.

We provide technologies including:

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 Introducing Provisioner

 Upcoming Training Courses in 2018 Have been Updated

 DataCrate: Formalising ways of packaging research data for re-use and dissemination

 2017 eResearch Strategy update

 Upcoming Training Courses Have been Updated

 Announcing Ozmeka - Linked Data enhancements for Omeka

 Hacky Hour, HPC focus with special guest Dr Joachim Mai

 Hacky Hour 1.0

 Hacky Hour at UTS, Thursday arvo eResearch meetup / helpdesk starting August 13 2015

 Event: 2015-08-25 | Getting Started with Machine Learning in MATLAB